THE PSYCHOLOGY AND STRESS MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE – IPCS was the first facility opened in Brazil specifically designed to help individuals and groups:

• to recognize the symptoms of excessive stress
• to detect external and internal events that trigger the stress response
• to devise strategies for coping successfully with stress and emotional disturbances within the cognitive behavior therapy theoretical frameworks.

The IPCS offers courses, workshops, group sessions, individual counseling as well as sessions tailored to the needs of organizations or companies.

The courses can be in the form of intensive, two day-long workshops or can consist of series of spaced sessions at the Center or at the sponsoring organization’s facilities.

Sessions can be conducted in either English or Portuguese, depending on the desire of the client. The Institute also offers graduate courses in cognitive behavioral therapy accredited ty the Federal Council on Psychology. Its theoretical scope is the rational emotive behavior theory of Albert Ellis.

The Center is headed by Dr. Marilda Novaes Lipp, a research-professor. Dr. Lipp holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from George Washington, D.C. and has had a number of years of experience in this field both in Brazil and in the United States.

She is the author/co-author of 22 books and more than 100 articles on stress.

Dr. Lipp is a licensed clinical psychologist in Maryland, USA and in Brazil.